Friday, February 11, 2011

Table Arrangement

Table Arrangement

Table Rules:

1. It is correct to remove and place all dishes from the right, but foods passed must be offered from the left so the guest may use his Right hand in serving himself.

2. Always serve coffee and tea, fill water glasses from the right.

3. Just before serving dessert, clear table of everything except centerpiece. Remove crumbs with folded napkin and small plate. Dessert silver may then be put in place or served directly on individual dessert plates.

The below diagram shows a full-blown table setting for a fancy dinner party. Adjust it as necessary to fit your menu. Don't put out utensils that won't ever be used.

Table presentation

1. Napkin
2. Salad fork
3. Dinner fork
4. Dessert fork
5. Bread-and-butter plate,
with spreader
6. Dinner plate
7. Dinner knife
8. Teaspoon
9. Teaspoon
10. Soup spoon
11. Cocktail fork
12. Water glass
13. glass
14. glass
15. Coffee cup and saucer*

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