Thursday, February 17, 2011

Perform Best in your Job Interview

Perform Best in your Job Interview

If you’re a job seeker, you’re probably thinking about that all important interview that could make or break your chances at a good job. It’s a lot of pressure, but there are some things to keep in mind that will help.For reading steps of how to perform best in your job interview keep reading further.

1. Regardless what pressures you bring to the situation, you can’t make them the interviewer’s concern in any way. You have to bring a good attitude to your all important
interview. Whatever challenges you might be experiencing, the interview atmosphere has to be positive. This may not be as hard as it might sound. After all, you got the interview. Regardless what else is going on in your life, you stood out in some way.

2. Before you go over all the reasons why you’d be the best choice for this job, spend some time envisioning all the reasons why you might not get it. Put yourself in the position of the
interviewer who is going to be looking for ways to eliminate people from consideration. Now consider ways you can eliminate those reasons from your interviewer’s judgment.+

3.Vocalize the opposing point of view and role play your response. If you haven’t got a sympathetic friend who will role play with you, use the mirror. Raise any issues you can imagine
an interviewer could think of. Then, consider how you would address them and give your response.

4. The interviewer may not bring up any of the concerns you’ve identified, but they may still disqualify you, so
look for ways you can be proactive. Examine each concern. How can you change the way you present yourself to head off being eliminated?

5.Work your way back through all of your presentation materials; resume, cover letter, job queries, phone calls. How might your presentation create the wrong perception about you
by illustrating any issue you’ve identified? Your presentation is your public face. It’s either going to get you an opportunity or close it out. How can you improve your personal presentation when you consider the viewpoint of an interviewer?

6.Once you’ve identified and responded to anything your interviewer could perceive as negative, how can you turn it into a positive? Every situation is double-sided. Just
because something about you might be perceived in a negative light, doesn’t mean you have to accept that will happen. What’s the best face you can show the world? Bring that face to your interview.

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