Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stand Craft 166

The problem with yachting is that there's just no way to bring all of your toys with you. How will the neighbors at the marina ever know that you've got a world-class supercar if you have to keep it tucked away in the garage while you're out sailing the Mediterranean? The shipwrights at Stand Craft have the perfect solution. Meet the 166 – a modern yacht that comes with its very own high-horsepower supercar tucked in the aft. The wheeled machine in question will reportedly wield a 620-horsepower V8, and Stand Craft claims that the vehicle will clip off a top speed of 189 mph.

It's a fitting trinket to go along with a yacht that packs a hidden Jacuzzi tucked into the bow, a retractable fly bridge that tucks away the ship's radar arrays when not in use and a whopping total of five state rooms. Each of the suites is loaded with 52-inch flat-screen television with iPad controls. If any of this is starting to sound or look familiar, that's because the company previously revealed their Strand Craft 122, another ultra-premium vessel that also featured a garage and lux accoutrements, albeit in a slightly less ostentatiously sized package.

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